New Eligible Streamlined Science TEKS Student Course Notes

PDFs & Print Permissions

DynaStudy is excited to bring schools an entirely new and upgraded program for its DynaNotes Eligible Streamlined Science TEKS student course notes. Customers can expect even more value and flexibility, plus all-new protections.

  • Upgraded content: clear, concise, relevant, and accurate student course notes aligned to the eligible streamlined TEKS for grade 5 science, grade 8 science, and biology
  • Crisp and colorful: high-resolution PDF supports inkjet or laserjet printing and enlargement (color recommended)
  • Maximum flexibility: teachers can optimize the presentation of the notes for different activities or different students: repeated printing and derivative works (see derivative work example) are permitted (see terms and conditions)
  • Accommodations: use the derivative works permissions to create effective, allowable accommodations for students over the course of the year, covering non-allowable content as students master those TEKS
Derivative Worksheet
  • Simple conditions: the term of the permissions lasts until new TEKS are adopted and implemented for the course if basic rules are followed (see terms and conditions)
  • All-new protections: specific, written permissions protect your school from violating DynaStudy's corresponding copyrights (see terms and conditions)
  • Affordable: one-time payment of $1.99 per student enrolled in relevant courses in one year (all versions: remedial, regular, advanced, honors, pre-AP, AP, etc.)

    DynaStudy recommends that each campus purchase a number of "seats" to account for variations in annual enrollment between now and the next TEKS change (e.g., if current enrollment in 8th grade science and related courses is 243, but in two years it could be as high as 310 students, purchase 310 for ~$620; then, additional purchases do not have to be made at a later date)

Terms & Conditions

Four documents will be provided to the campus principal when a DynaNotes PDF & Print Permissions order is placed.

  • Booklet PDF: 37% larger content, more white space, and twice as many pages as DynaNotes classic cardstock student course notes for the subject (8 pages for grade 5 science; 12 pages for grade 8 science and biology), arranged like a flip-up calendar
  • Terms & Conditions PDF:download sample terms & conditions!
  • Simple Reminders PDF: this concise "plain language" document is intended to help principals/administrators inform and remind teachers of the simple conditions of DynaStudy's print permissions (e.g., some key points are given below) — download simple reminders!

    1. Do not use, distribute, or make available any version or derivative outside the permitted school (do not post online, give to other schools, share with a district instructional specialist, etc.).
    2. Limit electronic file access to permitted school's administrators and teachers (do not give electronic files to school's students or substitute teachers).
    3. Add the required notice JPG or text to any/all derivative works.
  • Required Notifications JPG: this small graphic reflects important notices already on the Booklet PDF; this JPG (or its text) must be added to any derivative works created or used by the school — download sample required notices!

Printed Booklets

Booklet Study at HomeYou read that correctly! Instead of folding cardstock, DynaStudy has invested in a larger format — calendar-style booklets — to make DynaNotes student course notes even easier to use and love.

  • Larger size: content is 37% larger with more white space on twice as many pages as the classic cardstock notes
  • Personal format: matte paper finish for writing and erasing directly on the booklet; sturdy cardstock cover for durability
  • Affordable: just $5.95 for each grade 5 science booklet; just $6.95 for each 12-page grade 8 science or 12-page biology booklet
  • Availability: booklets are for sale to these two groups —

    1. Schools with current print permissions for the title can order any number of booklets for school's teachers and students.
    2. District-wide special populations (e.g., special education, migrant, summer school) may order booklets 1:1 without print permissions.

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