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At DynaStudy, we believe the right tools can inspire the most fundamental ingredient for student progress and eventual success: student effort. Use the product links above to find the student-friendly, research-based scaffolding and other tools you need to empower and motivate your students. Be sure to click the apple to visit the Teacher's Workroom for FREE computer games, flipped learning guides, "How to Use" documents, TEA resources, recommended TED Talks, and more.

"Assuming your lessons address the TEKS and achieve the appropriate rigor, the presence of DynaNotes student course notes in your classroom may not change any of your class activities. Rather, the notes impact each student's EXPERIENCE as he or she works to complete those activities." -- DynaNotes Creators

DNP iconBIG NEWS! The DynaNotes Plus app is now available for iPads and Android tablets with version 3.0 multi-user functionality: an ideal solution for classroom sets of iPads or Android tablets. DynaNotes student course notes are now available in printed cardstock, booklet (high school courses), teacher CD, and DynaNotes Plus app license formats.

    DynaNotes Plus, Grade 5 Science Example
  • Coverage of all eligible TEKS by category
  • Relevant and
    detailed examples
  • Effective, colorful graphic organizers
  • Personal, section-level student text and photo notes (password-protected in multi-user mode)
  • Over 1,500 links to third party websites from select sections

Don't forget that all elementary and eliminated high school EOC course notes are 50% OFF. Factor in that most schools use DynaNotes student-friendly scaffolding year after year, and costs drop to well under $1/student in most cases. Create an eQuote and see if this powerful tool, used daily, can be a part of your instructional strategies today!

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