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The right tools can inspire the most fundamental ingredient for student success: student effort. Use the product links above to find the student-friendly, research-based scaffolding and other tools you need to empower your students. If you are considering student course notes for the first time, be sure to read "About DynaNotes Student Course Notes" and the "Quick Start Guide."

DynaNotes Plus, Grade 5 Science Example What's New?

  • HTML5 Web Browser Access for DynaNotes Digital Subscribers and Single Subject Subscriptions: Web-based html-5 access eliminates hardware barriers to going digital with DynaNotes. One campus can use any combination of iPads, Android devices, PCs, smartphones, laptops, Macs, etc. to access helpful explanations and examples of all eligible TEKS along with thousands of pre-linked websites from numerous sections of content. Single Subject Subscriptions are now available, too. A low-cost, site-wide elementary or secondary digital license has a lot of advantages, such as total access and subscriber benefits (terms and conditions apply).
  • DynaNotes Modern U.S. History 30-Lesson EOC Review & Intervention Programs:
    Teachers are giving us great, positive feedback, noting "engaging activities," "critical thinking," "primary sources," "hands on," "variety," "TEKS based," and "one complete and comprehensive program of study." The 10-student, 20-student, or 30-student program is suitable for pre-test review, AI/summer school, or as a year-round resource. View the first seven lessons of the pacing chart and four sample answer key pages of the 90-page activity book now.
  • Revised Student Course Notes for Algebra I and for Grades 3 to 8 Math: DynaNotes math student course notes are now twice or three times as long as before with better graphics, more examples, and excellent coverage of all eligible TEKS. These are simple, yet powerful, tools for accelerating students to mastery. Now that teachers have experience with the new TEKS, it's clear that the portion of students requiring acceleration is not small. If you're on the fence, please give us a call and we can discuss the benefits of print or digital course notes with you. View samples today by clicking into the grade level of your choice from the math products page.

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